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An investment origination and portfolio management tool 

Spot potential investment opportunities before your competitors, understand target markets in depth and inform portfolio M&A and exit strategies.

Evaluating markets

Megabuyte reports are an extremely efficient way of keeping track of trends in specific niche verticals we actively want to invest in
Partner ECI Partners
Tom Wrenn
Partner ECI Partners

Tailored for you...​

Identify investment opportunities and improve portfolio management

Empower investment executives to identify potential new investment opportunities in the technology sector and improve your portfolio management with access to our proprietary data sources and respected analysis.

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Exit timing

Utilise our well-sourced corporate intelligence to monitor target investments in segments of interest and thereby predicting exit timing more accurately than your competitors.

Access our proprietary Megabuyte Databases. 

Inform M&A and exit strategies

Use our unrivalled coverage of public and private companies to monitor the corporate strategy of potential acquirers, helping you to understand relevant peer group multiples, plan effective M&A strategies and maximise exit timing.

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Tailored origination, portfolio management and transaction support services

Gain access to our senior analysts to help with new investment origination, portfolio management and transaction support with our Analyst Insight services.

Bespoke services for Private Equity Investors.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Build high value networks of business owners and CEOs through the Megabuyte Forum.

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Private equity on Megabuyte​

In their own words - how Megabuyte is adding value to the private equity community. Visit Testimonials to learn more about the relevance of Megabuyte to private equity investment decision making and portfolio management.

Subscribers' Testimonials

Targeting rising stars

Megabuyte’s Company News and Analyses covers a uniquely broad set of technology and IT services businesses. The insight into the UK’s private technology businesses is particularly effective at identifying leading technology companies of the future.
Partner Hg Capital
Jonathan Boyes
Partner Hg Capital

Subscribers' Testimonials

Data at your fingertips

As a sector specific industry team we are regularly called upon to meet clients and provide a sector view at short notice.  Megabuyte's analysis and sector reports helps to inform us and back up our industry knowledge with timely, specific and relevant data. The universe of sectors and companies covered is highly relevant to my team operating in the Technology and telecom's space.
Partner RBS
Roland Emmans
Partner RBS

Subscribers' Testimonials

Evaluating investment opportunities

We have used Megabuyte consultancy services on a number of occasions when looking at the viability of potential investments in the software, IT and Telecoms sector over the last couple of years. We find their deep domain expertise, access to relevant proprietary data and independent perspective invaluable when forming a view regarding the attractiveness and likely valuation of a target company. Moreover, the flexibility of their engagement model means that we can ask for just a quick view or more detailed analysis over a longer period.
Partner Cinven
Chris Good
Partner Cinven

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