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Public and Private​ Companies

Covers both leading public and private companies (the ones that often exist beneath the radar despite being some of the most exciting businesses)

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Proprietary C​ontent

Provides proprietary content,  featuring insights and information not available elsewhere, and backed by a searchable database or companies and people and extensive peer group comparisons.

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Incisive Commentary

Provides timely, informed and incisive commentary in a convenient, easy to digest format, delivered to your desktop or mobile device at the start of each working day.

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Contextual​ly-relevant Information

Keeps you up-to-date with your contextually-relevant competitive information, encompassing the latest news about your competitors and markets, including potential acquisition target.

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Inform corporate strategy

Gain access to our senior analysts to help with corporate strategy through our Analyst Insight services.

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Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Offers unparalleled CXO-level networking opportunities through the Megabuyte Forum. 

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CXOs on Megabuyte

In their own words, selected CXO thoughts on how Megabuyte delivers value-add to their organisations.  Visit our Testimonials section to read more CXO views on how Megabuyte helps inform board-level decision making and contributes to corporate strategy.

Subscribers' Testimonials

Valuable insights

Megabuyte provides us with a valuable insight into the sector with not only its daily new and commentary, but with its reports and events.  We have been long-time subscribers and continue to be impressed by the depth of critical analysis and sector wide intelligence.
James Tyler

Subscribers' Testimonials

Private company awareness

In a world of sales oriented press releases and IMs, I see Megabuyte as a reliable source of information. I work mainly with PE owned companies, which on the whole are not well covered by the mainstream media. Megabuyte provides that coverage, and can therefore also be a good way to raise awareness.
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