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Being informed is imperative to maintaining competitive advantage.  We know what intelligence CXOs, investors and advisers value and have earned a reputation for delivering it.  So whether your information needs are light-touch, information hungry or situation specific, we can help.

Great product, compelling proposition.

Ten reasons why Megabuyte should be your information source of choice.


Unrivalled breadth of research and depth of coverage not found elsewhere

We track the financial performance and corporate strategy of over 500 public, owner managed and private equity-backed businesses, from up-and-coming mid-market companies to established industry leaders. Many of these companies are not covered anywhere else.


Our content is created by us and only available to our subscribers

Many of the UK's most exciting IT businesses are private companies who are often off the public radar.  Since our inception, we've sought out these companies and invested a huge amount of time in getting to know them.  As a result, we can bring subscribers proprietary data and analysis which simply isn't available anywhere else.


We test our views directly with CXOs and investors; we don’t rely on Google and gossip

Without meaning to be too cocky about it, we talk to everyone important in the sector. Our extensive network of trusted board-level contacts built up over decades covering the sector puts us in a unique position to inform subscribers about what’s really going on in the companies we follow.


Supplements and informs strategic decision making

Our coverage is specifically designed to assist CXOs, investors and advisers in their strategic and business development decision making. Our informed analyses of the corporate, M&A and exit strategy of companies we cover provides a unique insight enabling subscribers to target acquisition, new business and investments.


We only make money from subscription so we can be 100% impartial

Because our research is funded 100% through subscriptions and no one customer accounts for more than 2% of our revenue, we are 100% impartial and independent. When we form a view on a company or market, subscribers can be assured that it is a genuine opinion untainted by the need to keep a customer happy.


No nonsense, well sourced, unvarnished opinion

So much of what passes for analysis today fails to deliver any real insight or opinion. Because we are confident in our analysis and experience and we have no central paymaster, we say what we mean. While we don’t go out to shock for the sake of it just to get headlines, we also don’t pull our punches if we feel strongly about an issue.


Our analysts have an average of 10 years’ experience

There’s no substitute for experience.  Our principal analysts’ long experience of the technology sector from both a capital markets and private equity perspective delivers invaluable strategic insight behind the numbers.


We understand that our subscribers are time-poor and need us to get to the point

Information overload is a phenomenon that we are all familiar with and it is especially true with busy senior executives and investment professionals. So, we aim to deliver both our written commentary and our data such that readers can understand the key themes and our views in the shortest possible time.


We focus on the leg work in capturing the data, so you don’t have to

We have one central aim at Megabuyte; to uncover and analyse great companies. Our research resources are substantially greater than most of our customers could economically allocate to the task so, they trust us to do it for them at a fraction of the cost.

Easily consumed

We present a huge amount of data and analysis in a simple, easily consumed way

With our own dedicated in-house development team, we invest heavily in making sure that we are able to deliver the content users want and when they need it, whether it’s via our daily e-mail, customised alerts, on your Dashboard or on our web portal.

Megabuyte: The verdict

In their own words - selected quotes from CXOs, investors and Forum members on the value they find in Megabuyte.  Read more views from the investor, adviser and corporate communities in our Testimonials section.

Subscribers' Testimonials

Encyclopedic sector knowledge

Excellent market intelligence in short, with an encyclopedia of knowledge behind it.
Premium Plus subscriberForum Member

Subscribers' Testimonials

Unparalleled depth of coverage

The breadth of the research is unique with additional detail, down to peer group level.
Premium Plus subscriberForum Member

Subscribers' Testimonials

Megabuyte Forum - networking

The networking events hosted by Megabuyte offer an excellent vehicle to meet with one’s peers and discuss key issues in an informal and enjoyable way.
Premium Plus subscriber

Subscribers' Testimonials

Evaluating investment opportunities

We have used Megabuyte consultancy services on a number of occasions when looking at the viability of potential investments in the software, IT and Telecoms sector over the last couple of years. We find their deep domain expertise, access to relevant proprietary data and independent perspective invaluable when forming a view regarding the attractiveness and likely valuation of a target company. Moreover, the flexibility of their engagement model means that we can ask for just a quick view or more detailed analysis over a longer period.
Partner Cinven
Chris Good
Partner Cinven

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