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We operate a two stage trial process: free access to our Daily Newswire (email) and managed access to our proprietary databases via a phone/web-based teach-in.  Teach-ins are not only the most expedient way to understand the extent of our research assets, but also enable a focused discussion about your specific areas of interest and how we can best support them.   Teach-ins are always conducted by analysts (not sales people) to ensure the highest quality interaction.

Subscription Options



Level 1*

News & Analysis Light


  • Daily Newswire
'Keep a watching brief on the sector​'

DESIGNED TO ensure that you don’t miss any newsflow in either the sector as a whole or specific peer groups of interest.

*Available to corporates only

Research Portal


Level 2*

Peer Group Plus

(Premium Extra)

  • Daily Newswire
  • Reports - Single sector only (ICT Services or Software)
'Regular, concise and focused intelligence on key players and the competitive environment within specific markets of interest​'

DESIGNED TO ensure that you understand and stay abreast of the key drivers in markets of interest.

*Available to corporates only



Level 3

Business Development

(Premium Plus)

  • Daily Newswire
  • Reports
  • Database
'Comprehensive macro and micro level financial and corporate intelligence on key players and peer groups​'

DESIGNED TO deliver detailed intelligence on companies, deals and peer group dynamics.

Analyst Insight

  • Quarterly peer group update
  • Unmetered ad-hoc analyst access
'Augment our news service and research portal through 1:1 discussion with our senior peer group analysts​'

DESIGNED TO help you drill down into specifics behind our online intelligence.

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