Tailored information solutions

Pragmatic strategic advice

On the occasions when you need specific advice or intelligence, we can help.  We regularly work with companies, investors and advisers to deliver targeted, and invariably time-sensitive and confidential, opinion, counsel or research.

Bespoke consultancy

Do you ever feel that you want to delve deeper into our data and analyses, or pick our analysts’ brains on something, or perhaps you feel you would like to tap our analysts’ deep contact base? Good news! We have created a range of expert services designed to help you do just that.

Our consulting and advisory services draw on our deep understanding of sector dynamics and our high-level industry contacts helping our clients to undertake peer group benchmarking, valuations, exit strategy as well as find the right contact in the sector.

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Evaluating investment opportunities

We have used Megabuyte consultancy services on a number of occasions when looking at the viability of potential investments in the software, IT and Telecoms sector over the last couple of years. We find their deep domain expertise, access to relevant proprietary data and independent perspective invaluable when forming a view regarding the attractiveness and likely valuation of a target company. Moreover, the flexibility of their engagement model means that we can ask for just a quick view or more detailed analysis over a longer period.
Partner Cinven
Chris Good
Partner Cinven

Our approach

Pragmatic and actionable advice is the philosophy behind all our consultancy services, combined with the utmost professional discretion. 

Some people might wrongly assume that, because we produce regular coverage on companies that we cannot keep a secret...

But they would be very wrong.

We are well used to dealing with highly sensitive situations, even with companies about which we write about in the Megabuyte News & Commentary service.

Flexible remuneration

We have consulting clients who engage with us project-by-project and some on an ongoing basis.  We tailor our remuneration to suit the brief whether fixed price, per diem or on a retainer. 

Independence guaranteed

Our clients pay us to have a completely independent view.

Consequently, we never undertake transaction services on a contingency basis; it just isn’t the right way to do it. When we give a piece of advice, you need to know that our opinion is in no way swayed by the chance of a success fee. It’s not that we would be swayed but we need to be seen to be independent.

Our consultancy services

Analyst Insight

Enjoy the benefits of:

Reports tailore​d to your precise needs (including information unavailable as part of the standard Megabuyte subscription)

Direct access to our senior analys​ts (pick our brains!)

As a Megabuyte subscriber, you have access to a deep pool of information, data and analyses about the technology sector. However, we know from speaking to many of our subscribers that the day to day pressures of work sometimes prevent them from getting the most from their Megabuyte subscription.

In response to this problem, Megabuyte Analyst Insight provides you with a bespoke service pulling together all of the news and analyses which is specifically relevant to your company, clients or investments and provides it to you in a regular, easy to digest format. By providing tailored reports and access to our senior analysts, Analyst Insight enables you to get the most from the wealth of analysis available in Megabuyte.

In order to cater for the needs of different groups of subscribers, we have put together Analyst Insight packages for each group.

Products for Companies

Analyst workshops

In order to help you dig further into our research and pull out key themes to underpin your decision making, Megabuyte Principal analysts can be retained to provide workshops to your Board and senior management team.

Bringing on average 15 years of experience to the table, our senior analysts can provide detailed insights into how technology trends are impacting financial performance, M&A and fundraising activity and share price and valuation trends in peer groups of interest to you. Our analysts provide regular workshops (quarterly is popular with our clients) or they can be hired on a project basis.

Board Reports

A key part of the Analyst Insight service is Megabuyte Board reports. These quarterly reports are designed to keep your Board or investment committee informed about the financial dynamics, share price performance, valuations and corporate activity of a bespoke peer group of companies, designed by you.

These reports contain analyses of share price and valuations, financial performance, M&A and fundraising activity and C-level moves for a bespoke peer group, the constituents of which are chosen by you. 

Products for Investors & Advisors

Analyst workshops

As with our analyst workshops for company Boards, our investor and adviser analyst workshops give clients the ability to pick our analysts’ brains about key industry trends, companies new to the service and updates on the corporate strategies of target clients or investments. Again we can provide these analyst workshops on a regular or on-off basis.

Client or portfolio reports

For advisers and investors, we can provide Client of Portfolio company reports which are structured in a similar way to Board reports, but relate to a client, prospect, portfolio company or prospective investment. These reports can be delivered to you directly to you for your own consumption or as a white label service ‘powered by Megabuyte’ as a service to your client or portfolio companies as a way of differentiating yourself in the market. 

Transaction support

In a sector full of acronyms and euphemistic terms where it is sometimes hard to understand what a company actually does let alone if it does it well, we help our consulting clients to cut through the jargon and get to the key issues when looking at an acquisition or investment.

Rather than offering full commercial due diligence once a transaction has been agreed, we aim to help our clients upstream in the process when they are deciding whether or not to proceed with a transaction. We can match the level of work undertaken with the opportunity in front of you ranging from a simple company assessment through to a more detailed assessment of competitive positioning, financial dynamics, and possible M&A targets post investment and valuation analysis.

Corporate strategy

Once again leveraging our data, experience and contacts, we can help technology companies to plan and execute their corporate strategy.

Products for Companies & Investors

Exit strategy

They say every company is for sale at the right price but positioning your company or investment in order to maximise the sale value is an art not a science. We are able to help companies in this endeavour in two key ways; finding the right potential buyers and helping you to understand the valuation levers for your company. So, even if you have no current plans for an exit but just want to understand what investors or trade buyers might be looking for so you can plan accordingly, we can help.

Private equity investor targeting

As part of our research activities, we monitor the portfolios of over 50 mid-market private equity firms. Moreover, our principal analysts spend a lot of our time with key decision makers within these firms understanding their portfolio companies and what they look for in an investment. And one thing we know for sure is that they all have different investment criteria and styles; but you can’t always deduce this from their marketing literature.

We have built a map of all of the leading mid-market PE firms operating in the UK and, as a consulting client of Megabuyte, you can access this knowledge to help save you time and, most importantly, find the right private equity investor for the next stage of your journey. So whether you’re an owner manager, already PE backed and looking for fresh investment, or public and looking to go private, we can help you to find the right private equity partner.

Or perhaps you are an adviser working with technology companies to find a new PE backer. We are equally happy to embed ourselves in a team of advisers on a transaction to bring our knowledge of the individuals and the investment styles in target private equity firms.

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