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Delivering a 360 degree view

We've built our reputation on delivering a holistic picture of the markets we cover and a detailed picture of their constituent companies and peer groups.  That means not only established market leaders, public and private, but those up-and-coming businesses so often beneath the radar.

How do we choose which com​panies to follow?

To put it si​mply, we follow companies that will be of interest to our subscribers.  What does that mean in practical terms?

Do we cho​ose them based on ownership?

The trite answer to this is - we don’t really care.

We cover interesting technology companies whether they are public quoted, PE backed, or owner managed. 

The Megabuyte Database -  how we capture a 360 degree view on our companies.

Do we choose them​ base on size?

As a broad rule, we track companies with revenues with revenues of at least £10m but, importantly, the smaller they are, the more interesting they need to be for us to be interested in tracking them.

And by interesting, we really mean growing; we would rather track a £5m revenue company growing at 100% per annum than a £20m company which has been the same size for five years. We have no upper size limit and track many of the world’s largest tech companies. 

Companies under coverage in the Megabuyte database

Do we choose them​ base on geography?

At the moment we focus on UK headquartered companies (and a few non-UK companies that are quoted on the London market) as well as covering the financial performance and corporate activity of global tech sector ‘gorillas’. Over time, the geographical reach of our coverage will grow.

UK and global companies - the Megabute Database in detail

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Private & Public company coverage

There is no one else with this breadth of information on the financial performance on public and private companies, all in one place.
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Ho​w we go about it...

Board-level contact

We believe passionately in bringing our subscribers unvarnished views on companies, markets and strategies built on knowledge gleaned from sources that matter. There are too many commentators out there professing to have an informed opinion but are really just regurgitating the poorly synthesised views of others. We go straight to the source for our analysis utilising our myriad board and investor contacts, so our views are formed based on rare access to primary information, not speculation based on market chatter.

Rigorous financial analysis

Our primary concern is the financial performance and corporate activity of companies we follow. While we clearly need to understand how technology trends will impact on financial performance and corporate strategy, in line with the information needs of our subscribers, we do not concern ourselves over the fine detail of which company has the best product or service.

Logically organised

We’re obsessive about making our content simple to access and, from day one, we’ve structured our database to be easily indexed, filtered and searched. We are also very careful about how we categorise data and articles. Perhaps counter intuitively, we don’t believe that having dozens of tags is useful; we always strive to have the minimum possible number of content categories while at the same time providing sufficient segmentation of our data.

A 360 degree view

There are four main elements to our database; companies, people, deals and investors. Our aim is to enable each user to get a holistic view of each of these elements when looking at any one of them. So if I am looking at a company, in addition to data and analysis on the company I can see all of the people, deals, and investors that relate to that company. 

Private company intelligence

Megabuyte provides comprehensive, insightful and authoritative coverage and analysis. For companies, particularly private companies, this raises their profile and enables interested parties to gain a clear understanding of what they are and where they are going.
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Should we be ​covering you?

Ra​ising awareness of your business amongst typically hard-to-reach strategic audiences.

If you are a privately owned company, you may well ask why you would want to be covered by Megabuyte. It’s simple really; it is a key way in which you can elevate your corporate brand.

Just as you actively pursue a PR strategy in relevant trade media in order to put your brand in front of customer and prospects, being covered in Megabuyte raised awareness of your company amongst key decision makers within the board rooms of the UK leading tech companies, their investors and advisers. Whether you are looking to grow by acquisition, building partnerships, seeking private equity investment or considering an exit, Megabuyte will put you company in the right shop window. As such, Megabuyte is a unique medium operating as we do at the nexus of the technology sector and the financial community.

And even if you’re quite happy with the status quo, you never know when a competitive shift in your niche might require you to make a change in your corporate strategy. The raised awareness that Megabuyte provides will enable you to more rapidly execute this change in strategy.

Just a reminder though, we are 100% independent; all of our Megabuyte research revenue is derived from subscriptions and we do not charge to cover your company and our analysis of you company is completely impartial. That’s precisely why investors, advisers and CXOs take it so seriously.

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